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I became a distributor for the Geneon H2ome after using one of their commercial devices with great success in my own business.

Since 1990 my company, Drysdale’s All-Natural Carpet Care, in Peabody MA, has performed well-reviewed, highly rated green cleaning services for carpeting, rugs, upholstered furniture, and tile & grout floors. Until a couple of years ago, we were cleaning using any one of a few plant-based products.

High Tech Eco Friendly Cleaning SolutionAfter learning of what Geneon Technologies of San Antonio TX was doing with its range of electrolysis devices, I was curious. I bought one of their mid-size commercial devices and proceeded to use its heavy- duty cleaner/degreaser on many jobs. Neither I nor my customers could detect any decrease in our cleaning results. Plus, when a sanitizing or disinfecting solution was needed in situations resulting from such occurrences as pet bodily waste or human incontinence, we could now make up, on the spot, a batch of product that would be able to destroy bacteria or any other micro-organisms, and neutralize any resulting odor as well. I found that I was saving a good deal of money by no longer needing to buy cleaning, sanitizing, or odor-neutralizing products. And I was no longer accumulating, and trying to recycle, all of the usual single-use plastic containers either. It seemed like a win, win, win.

After getting to know some of the people at Geneon, and realizing that the company had recently come out with a home-scaled version of my commercially-scaled device, we began to have conversations in which I said that I thought I might be able to help them generate some sales of their new H2ome. So here it is. I think it’s a great product. And as more people learn about the technology involved – how electrolyzed, slightly salted water turns almost magically into powerful yet totally safe cleaners and sanitizers – I know we’ll be seeing more of these in our homes and business offices. They’ll be in use by people who are trying to be green, to be healthy, who appreciate new technology, who don’t want to be contributing to the global plastic waste problem, and who don’t mind saving money at the same time.

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