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Wouldn’t it be great if you could really know, and feel comfortable about the ingredients in the cleaning and sanitizing products that you regularly spray around your home or business premises? Many people who have been using one or more of many brand-name products, even those being promoted as “green”, “healthy”, and “environmental” have been shocked – in a negative way – after going to an independent consumer product website such as that of the Environmental Working Group (www.ewg.org). It is at sites like these where people like you are frequently horrified by the long list of dangerous, even toxic ingredients that these heavily mass-marketed products contain, and by the failing grades of D, E, and even F assigned to them.

What if you could instead use a totally safe, yet amazingly effective cleaning or sanitizing product, made in seconds by you, in a really neat and compact electronic device, using nothing but ordinary tap water, a trace amount of salt, and electricity? Yes, electricity! And what if you never again had to contribute to the planet’s growing plastic pollution problem, by never again having to buy cleaning and sanitizing products in single-use plastic containers?

With your own H2ome device you will be able to do exactly that. You will be able to harness the well-established engineering principle of electrolysis to enhance the capabilities of a brine solution (water with just a pinch of salt). Engineered water devices of this sort are based on the pioneering experiments first carried out in early 19th century England by Science Hall of Fame member Michael Faraday. For many years cleaning and sanitizing products, made using equipment based on Faraday’s work, were feasible only at the industrial scale. Now, Geneon’s electrical engineers have designed a scaled-down version of these marvelous devices, to the point where one of them will take up no more than one-third of a square foot of your kitchen counter space.

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Despite its small size, the H2ome is fully capable of creating cleaning and sanitizing solutions with a level of effectiveness fully equal to those previously obtainable only in industrial settings. You, at home or in your business office, will be able to generate effective general cleaning products, degreasers capable of cleaning your oven or back yard grill, and sanitizing solutions from the lower food-grade levels all the way up to hospital-grade disinfectants. And you’ll be able to do all this with just ordinary tap water, a bit of one type or another of salt, and a few minutes of electricity delivered at a specific voltage via a sophisticated engineered device. At just the touch of a button!

Since, up until now, engineered water has only been produced in large-scale settings, it is the super-effective, totally green cleaning and sanitizing product that virtually no one has ever heard of. And now, with the introduction of H2ome, that secret is slipping out of the bag.

Technically speaking, how is this achieved? Without trying to summarize a semester of  university-level courses in physics, chemistry, and intro to electrical engineering, what occurs when a measured amount of electricity is introduced to a brine solution is this. When the salt used is food grade potassium carbonate, which is provided with your H2ome package, the pH, or alkalinity of the water is raised from neutral to a level comparable to where a detergent, soap product, or cleaning solvent had been mixed into the water. At the same time, the electricity is shrinking the size of the clusters of water molecules, as if a water-softening chemical had also been added. In doing so, the water’s surface tension is lowered, making the water “wetter”, or  less viscous. Wetter water is better able to enter areas where dirt, grease, and soil are hiding, enabling them to be easily wiped away. In summary: greater alkalinity, and less viscosity. And a bonus benefit: since no detergents, soaps, or other chemicals were used, no residue remains. It is cleaning solution residue, remaining on the surface of what was just cleaned, that speeds up its resoiling.

That was how both general and heavy-duty cleaning are accomplished. Now, how about the sanitizing? When your H2ome makes sanitizer or disinfectant, instead of potassium carbonate salt, your kit includes a container of sodium chloride – ordinary table salt. When water which contains a bit of sodium chloride has electricity from your H2ome introduced to it, you make a solution which consists primarily of hypochlorous acid, or, in chemistry terms, HOCL. Hypochlorous acid is made by the human body’s white cells and serves many uses including helping wounds to heal quickly and killing any germs which might cause infection. HOCL has long been known to be a highly effective antidote to a lengthy laundry list of germs, bacteria, and other harmful micro-organisms, including but not limited to E.coli, Staph, HIV, Salmonella, Listeria, Hepatitis A, B, and C, MRSA, H1N1, and Parvovirus. HOCL as generated by the H2ome is capable of killing 99.999% of any of the health hazards that you might ever run up against. A study conducted by the University of Georgia found that Geneon’s sanitizing solution was effective at killing 99.999% of E.coli and Salmonella on tomatoes and lettuce in 30 seconds. Standard processes using conventional, far less green sanitizing solutions require ten minutes full contact, a result which in rough & tumble world of commercial agriculture is very difficult to achieve.

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Yet unlike store-bought household bleach, hypochlorous has none of bleach’s downside: respiratory harm; asthma; faded colors; corrosion of the skin; dangerous, sometimes fatal gases resulting from bleach’s becoming mixed with other common household cleaning products; damage to the natural environment; and the poisoning of humans and pets. And hypochlorous, depending upon which studies and test results you might read, is between 80 and 200 times as effective as bleach in killing germs. And it’s totally safe to use around people,animals, insects (maybe you’re a bee keeper), and anything you might choose to grow around the home and office, from flowering plants to produce. And it’s a great odor-killer.

Maybe the professional doubters are now saying: “This sounds like a bunch of hooey. Easily-debunked pseudo-science, or, as some use the term today, ‘woo’ “. Think again.

Geneon’s technology, water catalysts (salts), and product effectiveness have all been extensively studied, and have come through with flying colors. Some of these tests have been performed by public agencies charged with protecting the public interest, and include: the US Food and Drug Administration; the US Department of Agriculture; the US Environmental Protection Agency; as well as by major research universities, including the University of Georgia; and the Toxic Usage Reduction Institute (TURI) of the University of Massachusetts at Lowell. 

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Two of the premier science and technology colleges and universities in the US are Georgia Tech on the east coast, and Harvey Mudd College on the west coast. Both schools extensively tested Geneon’s technologies and devices on their own campuses, both of which have been long known for their out-front leadership in greener cleaning. Both subsequently scrapped the cleaning programs they had been using and adopted equipment made by Geneon to generate, on the job site, nearly all of their cleaning and sanitizing products. Cleaning product budgets were reported to be reduced by around 90% The schools’ athletic locker rooms have been reported as smelling much better than they formerly did.

Interested in results like these? In radically reducing your in-house chemical use? And in saving money? Run the 3-minute video on this page.

Think you might want to want to own an H2ome for your own use? You can purchase it on this website for $140 – money you’ll probably save over just the next few or several months. Or maybe you’re a retailer – online or brick & mortar – who might want to stock these and sell then to your customers. In that case contact me to discuss wholesale pricing, possible consignment arrangements, shipping, etc. I’m Mark of HighTech GreenClean.

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